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Teacher's Workshop on 'CHILD SEX ABUSE & POCSO' Act,2012

Teacher's Workshop on 'CHILD SEX ABUSE & POCSO' Act,2012

• The POCSO Act, 2012 and its relevance explained in detail

• The POCSO Act, 2012 various Rules and Sections

• Explanation of the various Sexual Offences against children namely Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Child Pornography and Abetment

• The various Sentences/Punishments under the relevant Sections of the POCSO Act in detail with respect to the various offences

• Procedure for Reporting of Cases and the Punishments for non-compliance of the same

• Explanations of the Act with real case studies to connect the relevance

• Detailing of the various actions for which a person may be penalized under the POCSO Act

• Child Friendly Procedures for victims explained in detail

• Obligations of the individual/institution to report an offence - discussed and explained in detail

• Post Workshop Assessment conducted immediately after the workshop to verify and help participants with an in-depth understanding of the POCSO Act

• A ten-minute film will also be shown to all participants who have been made by the NCPCR, which is the Apex body for child rights in India and which functions under the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

• Sensitization of the staff towards children to enable them to provide an opportunity to students who might suffer from any form of abuse, to report to them on the same.

 • Real Case Studies discussed and explained to understand the modus operandi of the Sexual Predators/Offenders

• Open house of 30 minutes for any further questions or discussions that the teachers might want to know or talk about

• A discussion on the possible profiling of the sexual predators

• Detailing and Tips on the very minute and important details that teachers can use to keep an eye on the children also educate them from time to time on the same

• A separate 75-minute session for the entire non-teaching staff of the educational institution

There are some very important guidelines for the school authorities including the Management, The Principal, and all teaching and non-teaching staff is to follow during any incidents of Child Sex Abuse. If not adhered to, the same can attract punishments under the law with serious complications. The same will also be discussed and put out with detailed clarity during the workshop. Legal implications as to how an institution (school) can be penalized under the POCSO Act for not following certain procedures as mentioned in the Act will be discussed in detail. Also, will be explained in detail the below two extremely important points

• Role of Police and how an individual/organization can get a complaint filed with the police even without active support or co-operation from the police authorities

• Laws and Acts on how a medical examination can be conducted on the victim by a hospital on the refusal of the police to file an FIR and also if the hospital refuses the same WHY WORK WITH US?

• Our trainer has experience of having worked in collaboration with the NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) in two very large projects on The POCSO Act, in 2017/2018

• Our trainer has experience of also having worked in collaboration with the DSCPCR (Delhi State Commission for Protection of Child Rights) on a large project in New Delhi on the POCSO Act, in 2018

• Received appreciation from both the NCPCR and the DSCPCR for his work done on the POCSO Act in collaboration with both the organizations (available for your perusal)

• Our trainer has experience of having conducted over a 120 Student and Faculty workshops on the POCSO Act and Awareness programs in 6 States across the country

• Our lead trainer Mr. Manish Gupta is also Certified in Child Rights Law from the NLSIU National Law School of India University, Bengaluru