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The healing techniques that we use are very modern day modalities. We have certified healers who have explored varied healing techniques and have experience of treating different kind of people and businesses. How healing works is by firstly understanding the subconscious mind of a person & then changing it to fit the end result that the client desires. It is very easy and the results are jaw-dropping.

Recreational Art Therapy is an activity-based therapy session where we tap into the unconscious part of the brain to bring out all the irritation a person is feeling to transform it into something lighter and more colorful. Followed with self-awareness talk where we want to highlight the importance of “Empathy” and give them tools to practice the same for themselves.


We use “body movement+art” based activities. Talks on how the art-based therapy is helpful and how people can carry forward this experience in their routine too.





Healing & many more...