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Teachers are also working professionals. They also need time to refresh and learn modern changes in the education system.

For School and college teachers., to maintain the balance of personal and professional life along with the dynamics of modern pedagogy.



With the Effective Tools of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).


Professional Outcomes

·       Understand Student Behaviors

·       Interpersonal Relationship

·       Effectively Manage Emotions

·       Ability To Engage Students With More Ease In The Classroom

·       Increased Sense Of Responsibility

Personal Outcomes

·       Become Self-aware

·       Understanding Emotional Intelligence

·       Effectively Manage Emotions

·       Harness Emotions more productively

·       More sociable

·       Effectively Handle Relationships

·       More Empathetic and Kind to others



EI Modules

• Self Awareness.

• Work Life Balance.

• Roles and Responsibilities.

• Social Skills.

Technical Modules

• Classroom Management.

• Communication with Students and Parents.

• Understanding the Student’s Psychology.

• ICT (information and communication Technology)

Skill Upgradation.