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Our Goal and intentions to do this activity is to help create a safe working environment in any and every professional working setup.

Aiden consultancy and services intentions is to spread the awareness and help create a safe working environment for females as well as males in any and every professional set by sensitizing them about the Act’s intentions, rules and regulations and legal aspect as well. Resulting in decreased dropout employee ratio in every and any organization.

Moreover, also help and guide them to form a mandate (ICC) internal core committee as well, based on the norms. For proper vigilance and handling the legal matter (when and if required).

Applicability of POSH Act within an Organization:

• All employees irrespective of gender.

• Staff engaged with the company as contract employees, consultants.

• Staff deployed at any of the Company premises by a service provider.

• In all Office premises.

• Or outside Office premises, where employees are required to attend meetings, picnics, business trips, functions arising out of or connection to their official duties.


The POCSO Act, 2012 and its relevance explained in detail

• The POCSO Act, 2012 various Rules and Sections

• Explanation of the various Sexual Offences against children namely Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Child Pornography and Abetment

• The various Sentences/Punishments under the relevant Sections of the POCSO Act in detail with respect to the various offences

• Procedure for Reporting of Cases and the Punishments for non-compliance of the same

• Explanations of the Act with real case studies to connect the relevance

• Detailing of the various actions for which a person may be penalized under the POCSO Act

• Child Friendly Procedures for victims explained in detail

• Obligations of the individual/institution to report an offence - discussed and explained in detail